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"I could not be any happier with the service and tickets that we were provided." - Glenn Enfield from Maidstone
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A visit to a home match of AC Milan is a must for every real football fan. Many famous players have worn the classic black and red striped kit.

More about AC Milan

Club info

Associazione Calcio Milan commonly referred to as A.C. Milan or simply Milan, is a professional Italian football club based in Milan, Lombardy, that plays in Serie A. Milan was founded in 1899 by English lace-maker Herbert Kilpin and businessman Alfred Edwards among others.The club has spent its entire history, with the exception of the 1980–81 and 1982–83 seasons, in the top flight of Italian football, known as Serie A since 1929–30.

With 18 officially recognised UEFA and FIFA titles, they are the fourth most successful club in the world in terms of number of international titles, together with Boca Juniors and Real Madrid, and behind Al Ahly with twenty titles.Milan has won a joint record of three Intercontinental Cups and one of its successor, the FIFA Club World Cup. Milan have also won the European Cup/Champions League on seven occasions, second only to Real Madrid.They have also won the UEFA Super Cup a joint record five times and the Cup Winners' Cup twice. Milan has won every major competition in which it has competed, with the exception of the Europa League (in this competition they have lost two semi-finals in 1972 and in 2002). Domestically, with 18 league titles Milan is the joint-second most successful club in Serie A behind Juventus (33 titles), along with local rivals Inter. They have also won the Coppa Italia five times, as well as seven Supercoppa Italiana triumphs.

Milan's home games are played at San Siro, also known as the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. The stadium, which is shared with long-lasting city rivals Internazionale, is the largest in Italian football, with a total capacity of 80,018. Inter are considered their biggest rivals, and matches between the two teams are called Derby della Madonnina, which is one of the most followed derbies in football. As of 2010, Milan is the third most supported team in Italy, and the seventh most supported team in Europe, ahead of any other Italian team.

The former owner of the club was former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. who owned the club for 31 years  The club is one of the wealthiest and most valuable in Italian and world football. It was a founding member of the now-defunct G-14 group of Europe's leading football clubs as well as its replacement, the European Club Association.

Supporters and rivalries
Milan is one of the best supported football clubs in Italy, according to research conducted by Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Historically, Milan was supported by the city's working-class and trade unionists. On the other hand, crosstown rivals Internazionale were mainly supported by the more prosperous and typically Milanese middle-class. One of the oldest ultras groups in all of Italian football, Fossa dei Leoni, originated in Milan. Currently, the main ultras group within the support base is Brigate Rossonere. Politically, Milan ultras have never had any particular preference, but the media traditionally associated them with the left-wing, until Berlusconi's presidency somewhat altered that view.

According to a study from 2010, Milan is the most supported Italian team in Europe and seventh overall, with over 18.4 million fans. AC Milan had the ninth highest average attendance of European football clubs during the 2010–11 season, behind Borussia Dortmund, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Schalke, Arsenal, and Hamburg.

Genoa fans consider Milan a hated rival after Genoa fan, Vincenzo Spagnolo was stabbed to death by a Milan supporter in January 1995. However, Milan's main rivalry is with neighbour club, Internazionale; both clubs meet in the widely anticipated Derby della Madonnina twice every Serie A season. The name of the derby refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose statue atop the Milan Cathedral is one of the city's main attractions. The match usually creates a lively atmosphere, with numerous (often humorous or offensive) banners unfolded before the start of the game. Flares are commonly present and contribute to the spectacle but they have occasionally led to problems, including the abandonment of the second leg of the 2004–05 Champions League quarterfinal match between Milan and Inter on 12 April 2005, after a flare thrown from the crowd by an Inter supporter struck Milan keeper Dida on the shoulder.

Experiences from our customers

Read reviews

Experiences from our customers

Martyn Richmond from Derby, 1 person 31 January 2016
AC Milan - Inter Milaan

All round it was one of the best experiences I have had. from booking it was easy an was updated when needed to know any think an the seat was excellent

Tip: I would book a extra day in any city as all ways some think more to do then watch the game i did an still needed more time.

Anonymous, 2 persons 6 January 2016
AC Milan - Bologna

Excellent customer service, quick responses to email queries.

Tip: Use the train to get to Milan from the airport, easy to use and only 12 euros each way.

Anonymous, 1 person 28 November 2015
AC Milan - Sampdoria

Overall the trip went really well. The hotel was great, 3 days was the right amount of time to see the city and all the information given by football was usefull and efficient.

Tip: Yes, try to get information on the bus routes before you go as they are more difficult to navigate than the Metro!

Christian Brown from Ashford, 2 persons 12 April 2015
AC Milan - Sampdoria

The package was brilliant as it was everything we needed, meaning all we had to worry about was printing off boarding passes and match tickets. It was very easy and something that I will look to do again, without a doubt.

We didn\'t really need much service from FootballBreak reps, but whenever we got it, we always got polite emails full of all the information we needed and with contact numbers in case of a problem. It was a shame to see the San Siro half full due to AC Milan fan protests/decline, but the noise generated inside was still tremendous - especially from the Sampdoria fans sitting above us. As for Milan itself, it is a very pretty city full of friendly people, and is somewhere I\'d like to return to.

Tip: Be careful directly by the cathedral (Duomo) as there are people who try to take advantage of tourists by forcing wristbands on you, then trying to charge you €10 per band - they will chase you too! Best bet is to keep your hands down and if anyone grabs you, pull away. Don\'t be fooled by their niceness. Also, go to the river (Naviglio) if you have time. It\'s full of bars and restaurants, plus the view at night is remarkable.

Anonym, 3 persons 12 April 2015
AC Milan - Sampdoria

The booking process is extremely simple and straightforward with good communication and regular email updates. All documents required are sent well in time. The only tricky bit was the printing of the boarding passes on the Easyjet website. Why Easyjet insists on getting you to \'check in\' online is a total mystery as you still have to check in at the airport. Long queues at the so called \'bag drop area\' (check in desks really) so make sure you allow at least 45min for your \'bag drop\'. Boarding is also the usual long queue and generally runs late. Flight with Easyjet need no further explanation...

We decided to use the train/metro from Malpensa Milan airport to out hotel. It is quite a long way where you have to get the (free) bus shuttle from Terminal 2 to T1 and catch the train there. The train goes via Saronno to Milan Central. From there we caught the Metro to our hotel metro station and a 10min walk. Clean and efficient trains and metro. A bit of a shock when we got to street level in the Financial District of Milan; grafiti on every building (yes really) gave the impression of a very rough neighbourhood. It wasn\'t until the end of the next day that we realised that every building in Milan has grafiti on some wall somewhere. Unbelievable but true. Once you get \'used\' to that Milan is a truly beautiful city with friendly people and we felt pretty safe all the time.

Only in very busy places such as the Duomo Square you need to watch your purse/wallet. At those places there are also very intimidating street sellers trying to flip on wristbands with cable-ties(!). Keep your hands in your pocket and avoid them. Otherwise Milan is very enjoyable with some amazing sights, sites, shops and green spaces.

On Sunday night we watched AC Milan play at the San Ciro stadium. An amazing experience with some great Italian football. Very safe around the stadium, great atmosphere and amazing views. Instead of burger vans you get Panini vans with char-grilled peppers instead of onions. A few chip stands but very few fried food. How refreshing! Lots of AC Milan memorabilia stands of course. Hotel was superb and comfortable in a good area; some good little restaurants if you go off the beaten track. Good value too. A great experience overall and a very enjoyable weekend.

Tip: We decided to stay in a hotel as close to the San Ciro as possible and we were glad we did as the match did not finish until very late. We could walk back to the hotel and was safe to do so.

Mr Antony Hill from Kingswinford, 2 persons 30 November 2014
AC Milan - Udinese

Really enjoyed our trip to Milan. It was great to visit one of the legendary stadiums of Europe and even half full the atmosphere in the San Siro was good. Hotel Berlino was excellent. Clean, fairly quiet, friendly staff and superb breakfast. Being situated on the edge of Milan meant we had to use the trams which was easy and we enjoyed as we got to see more of the city and not just the centre.
We took a train up to lake Como where we also got to see a third division game between Como and Lumezzane in their stadium which is right on the Lake, awesome.

Overall we had a great time and the package from footballbreaks was well organized. Thanks.

Mr Christian Bryzak from London, 3 persons 23 November 2014
AC Milan - Inter Milaan

The hotel near the canals in Milan was great. Good location for food and transport was close. At first like most location it was difficult to find but it was great. The seats was great and worth the price.
Being opposite the inter (away fans) was great. As a milan fan It was great to see the rivalry between the fans.

The service i received from was fantastic. They kept me updated with news regarding the hotel, match tickets and any possible changes to the game on that particular weekend.

Mr.John Thornton from North Mundham, 2 persons 26 October 2014
AC Milan - ACF Fiorentina

This is the second time we have booked a football break with Football Break.Co.Uk and just as the last time, (watching Barcelona) everything went smoothly and we got to watch a great game at the San Siro.
We were kept up to date with information via e-mails before we left and received all the documentation in plenty of time. We were informed of a change of time to the game several weeks before which allowed us to also get to watch Juventus on the same day.

The atmosphere at both games was fantastic, with nearly full stadiums full of noisy, passionate and friendly supporters. We stayed near the San Siro so were able to walk to the game. We also had plenty of time on our break to take a stadium tour and explore the city.
We are already planning our next trip.

Tip: If you can afford it, it is worth paying a bit extra to get seats closer to the pitch.

Jamie McGowan 2 February 2014
AC Milan - Torino

We stayed in Milan but over the 4 days our trip went like this Fri- arrived in Milan, tour of San Siro and Museum. Evening in Milan City which was beaufitful Sat we travelled through to Turin to tour Juventus Stadium which was outstanding. Although getting to it was a trek once in Turin Sat night went to Ac Milan v Torino game. Which was a great experience, great seats and Torino fans were crazy..flares, smoke bombs etc..We loved it. Sunday- up early and travelled through to Venice for the day. Another beautiful place, even though the weather was awful it didnt spoil our day. Monday we travelled home

Tip: Milan was a beautiful place as was Venice but we disnt tour enough of Milan with exception of Duomo Square which qas amazing


Adam Munton from Market Harborough 1 September 2013
AC Milan - Sampdoria

The flights were easy and comfortable with good clear navigation to where our hotel was. Hotel was smart and tidy and in a great location. Stadium was amazing if a little empty but a great experience.

Tip: Do your research on the travel from the airport and also research the metro too! By easiest and cheapest method of travel!!!

Mr Brown from West Yorkshire 1 March 2011
AC Milan - Bari

The total package was fantastic. The website was very straightforward and the customer care over the telephone was outstanding. I would definitely recommend to others and would consider using them again for any future bookings I make.


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In four clicks to San Siro

Customise your own package by selecting your own flight, travel dates, hotel and seating. No booking fees!

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Milan in northern Italy is the centre of fashion and business. This smart city of wealth has been a trading centre on transalpine routes for many centuries. Milan is one of the best places to see Italy at its most stylish and cosmopolitan. The city combines history, architecture and business with shopping, fashion, delicious food and unique attractions. With so much going on in Milan you will certainly never be bored or lonely!



More about Milan

City info


Milan in northern Italy is the centre of fashion and business. This smart city of wealth has been a trading centre on transalpine routes for many centuries. Milan is one of the best places to see Italy at its most stylish and cosmopolitan. The city combines history, architecture and business with shopping, fashion, delicious food and unique attractions. With so much going on in Milan you will certainly never be bored or lonely!


Milan’s magnificent cathedral, the Duomo, is the third largest in the world. It took four centuries to complete and is 157 metres long and 92 metres wide - that’s about the area of two football pitches! The roof alone has 135 spires and countless statues and gargoyles, whose ugly faces were believed to scare away evil spirits. The Bronze doors are decorated in bas-relief with biblical events and scenes from the history of Milan. The stained glass windows are beautiful and the stone tracery around the windows has the carving of a serpent swallowing a man. This was the family symbol of the Prince Gian Galeazzo Visconti who ordered the building of the Duomo in the 14th century. After viewing the many tombs and statues in the Duomo, visit the Treasury beneath the main altar which has a mass of mediaeval gold and beautiful silver items.
Location: Piazza del Duomo
Metro: MM 1, Piazza Duomo


Castello Sforzesco

The original castle was built by the Visconti family, like the Duomo, but it was replaced by this Renaissance palace when Francesco Sforza became the new ruler in the mid-15th century. The palace itself is filled with rooms of furniture, frescoes, antiquities and artworks including a sculpture by Michelangelo.
Location: Piazza Castello
Metro: MM1 Cadorna, Cairoli; MM2 Cadorna, Lanza


Teatro alla Scala

This world-famous opera house was built in 1776 on the site of an old church, the Santa Maria della Scala, built in 1381. Each year the opening of the opera season is celebrated on December 7th, the feast day of Sant’Ambrogio, Milan’s patron saint. Enjoy seeing the sumptuous interior by attending a performance. 200 standing tickets are released 30 minutes before every performance especially for visitors to Milan. Alternatively, visit the Museo del Teatro which has costumes and sets from past performances, sculptures, paintings and theatrical items dating back to Roman times. The museum also gives a wonderful view of the auditorium with its gilt boxes, huge chandelier and trompe l’oeil three-dimensional paintings.
Location: Piazza della Scala
Metro: MM1 Duomo/Cordusio


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Even those who detest shopping will be impressed by the architecture of this magnificent shopping arcade. Beneath the 155-foot high domed glass roof, there are beautiful bookshops, cafés and restaurants with old-fashioned bow-fronted windows and magnificent mosaic floors. The mosaics represent four continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia along with the signs of the zodiac. Visitors can step on the genitals of Taurus the Bull for good luck! The shopping arcade was built in 1865 and named after the king, Vittorio Emanuele II.
Location: Piazza della Scala
Metro: MM1 Duomo


Palazzo Reale

This building was the seat of administration in the 11th century when most of Europe was still struggling in the Dark Ages. It was rebuilt in the 1330s as the headquarters of the Lords of Milan and later became Milan’s first theatre. The city now uses the building for offices and museums, including the splendid modern art collection in the Civico Museo d’Arte Contemporanea (CIMAC) on the third floor. The Palazzo Reale is also the home of the Museo del Duomo which charts the history of the Duomo from its building in the 14th century to the latest 20th-century changes.
Location: Piazza del Duomo
Metro: MM 1, Piazza Duomo


Giardini Pubblici

These public gardens are the largest in the city and were designed by Piermarini. They are a great place to sit quietly after a heavy night out! It has three peaceful lakes, countless monuments and the 18th century Palazzo Dugnale housing Milan’s Natural Science Centre.
Location: Bastioni di Porta Venezia
Metro: Porta Venezia


Cimitero Monumentale

For a walk with a difference, visit this cemetery which has magnificent tombs and shrines produced by Italy’s best sculptors. There is a free map to guide visitors around the 250,000 square metre site. The Famedio House of Fame is a striking reproduction of the Pantheon and there are many other ornate buildings on a miniature scale that accommodate spectacular shrines of the wealthy families of Milan.
Location: Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale
Metro: MM2 Garibaldi FS


Palazzo Cusani

Situated in north-east Milan, this ornate palace has a brocade facade and ornate balconies and windows. It has two entrances, supposedly so that each of the Cusano brothers could have their own access. The palace was used by the Ministry of War in the 19th century.
Location: Via Brera
Metro: MM1 Cairoli

Shopping in Milan

Designer apparel and high fashion are synonymous with Milan. Whether you are looking for designer jeans or some excellent pasticceria (pastries) to take home, you will find them in the city centre. The Fashion Quadrilateral for designer gear is between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni and Via Sant’Andrea. The areas of Brera and Navigli are filled with antique markets. For gourmet food gifts, visit Peck on Via Spadari 9 which is the equivalent of Harrods in London.


Getting Around Milan

It is easy to get around Milan on foot for those who are young and fit. For longer distances the bus network is good. Buses and their signs are orange and most bus stops are on islands in the centre of the street. Tickets should be purchased from ticket machines, newsstands and tobacconists before getting on the bus. The Metro subway has four lines numbered 1-3 and 5, and is the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get around. It runs from 06.00 to 00.30 and stamped tickets can also be used on other modes of public transport. There are always plenty of taxis in Milan, although they can be expensive.


Luxury Car Factory Tours in Bologna

If you have time to stay longer, Bologna is about 200km from Milan and is home to several car factories which offer tours and museums. The Ferrari Factory Tour is fascinating but you need to pre-arrange it through a local dealership. Other tours include Italian sports car and motorbike manufacturers Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani and Ducati.


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