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100% seating guarantee

The football match is obviously the highlight of your trip and we understand that you want to enjoy the game together and be able to talk about your experience for a long time to come! Therefore we offer a unique guarantee. We guarantee that up to three people will sit together in the football stadium or we will refund the price for the single seat. In addition, we guarantee to deliver the tickets to your hotel in plenty of time before the match.

1. Up to Three People are Guaranteed to be Seated Together

This means that you will have at least three seats together. With a booking for two persons, this means that you will have two places side by side. For bookings of more than three people we cannot guarantee that the whole group will sit next to each other. However, we always do our best to make sure that the whole group will be seated together and in most cases this is not a problem. In the case of four or more persons, the group may be divided into smaller groups. However, you are always guaranteed that you will not receive any individual seats.

The Rules

  • We guarantee that you will sit together in the stadium. It may, in exceptional cases, be that places are allocated in front of each other, diagonal to each other, or there may be a step or aisle between seats (which mean that the seats are adjacent).
  • If you are not sitting together, we will refund the face value price for the single seat.
  • If you are not sitting next to each other, we ask you to inform us as soon as possible during the trip via the emergency number available.
  • On returning home, you should send an email to [email protected] Send us a photocopy of the tickets and a brief explanation. We will then contact you within 10 working days to refund the money.

2. Guaranteed Prompt Delivery of your Tickets

Match tickets will be delivered by courier to your hotel, signed for and stored in a secure location by hotel staff for your collection at the reception desk. This will be one day before the match, no later than 20.00 hours for weekend matches and 13.00 hours for weekday matches. Unfortunately it is not possible for the tickets to be delivered to your home address. The reason for this policy is that the tickets are often dispatched by the club very shortly before departure and there is sometimes insufficient time to have them delivered to you safely. This is the safest and most secure delivery method proven over many years of good experience. However, if there is any problem at all, we are available 24 hours a day on the phone number that you will receive with your booking confirmation.

3. Guaranteed official club tickets(excluding fan2fan tickets)

We do guarantee that the football tickets you receive are genuine and official club tickets. We are either official partner of the club or we source your tickets from official club partners.

4. Fan2Fan-tickets: Custom Seating Guarantee

If you have so-called Fan2Fan tickets, your seating guarantee will be a bit different. Usually you have two places next to each other. If you book for more than two people, we will of course do our best to make sure that you are sitting next to each other, but we cannot guarantee it. What we can guarantee you: an attractive entrance fee and a unique football experience among other real fans.

Safe and secure payment
Safe and secure payment
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