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Serie A

Juventus FC - Como 1907

Monday 19 Aug 20:45
Confirmed date
Allianz Stadium, Turin
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Serie A

Hellas Verona - Juventus FC

Monday 26 Aug 20:45
Confirmed date
Marc Antonio Bentegodi, Verona
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coming soon
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Serie A

Juventus FC - AS Roma

Sunday 1 Sep 20:45
Confirmed date
Allianz Stadium, Turin
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Serie A

Juventus FC - SSC Napoli

21 or 22 September  
Allianz Stadium, Turin
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Serie A

Juventus FC - Cagliari

5 or 6 October  
Allianz Stadium, Turin
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Serie A

Juventus FC - Lazio Roma

19 or 20 October  
Allianz Stadium, Turin
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Experience a football trip to Juventus F.C.

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Witnessing a live Juve match is an unforgettable experience. The wonderful Juventus stadium has a capacity of 41,507 spectators. The Juventus slogan is “Fino alla Fine”, or “Until the End” in English; a feeling you’re bound to share when entering to the stadium during your football trip. Few clubs in the world are able to measure themselves with this experience. With FootballBreak, you’re guaranteed tickets next to each other in the Allianz Stadium.

Turin is a breath-taking location for a city break, with a whole host of charming and historic Italian restaurants. This is a perfect place for lovers of Art Nouveau and Renaissance architecture alike. Turin is one of Italy’s most popular ‘food capitals’, where at the same time you’re transported into this city’s glorious past. In short, Turin is the ideal destination for your football trip.

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Everything you need to know about your football trip to Juventus F.C.

We’ve tracked down the best tips for you, ensuring your football trip to Juventus F.C. Goes as pleasantly and smoothly as possible. From insider tips on the Allianz Stadium, to great advice on exploring the wonderful city of Turin.

  • Information about Allianz Stadium, route & tips
  • Information about Juventus F.C.
  • What to do in Turin

Allianz Stadium, the legendary football stadium of Juventus F.C.


Juventus F.C. plays all its home games in the pandemonium of Allianz Stadium, with this stadium currently having a 41,507-seat capacity.

If you go and attend a Juventus F.C. match, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the strikingly Italian the atmosphere found there. Witnessing a football match in Turin is an experience featuring on many a football fanatic’s bucket list!

How to get to the Allianz Stadium?

The atmospheric Juventus F.C. football stadium is located in the north west of the city in the Continassa district, around six kilometres from the centre. Turin’s public transport system is well organised, and plenty buses, taxis and tram stops at the stadium.

However, we don’t recommend going to the Allianz Stadium by car or taxi, unless setting off well in advance. It’s highly congested around the stadium on Juventus F.C. match days, and parking is both a nightmare; and extremely expensive. Opt for using public transport. If you’re absolutely determined to go by car, park at the Area12 Shopping Center close by. While parking is free there, bear in mind that this means you need get there as early as possible in order to grab a space.


Turin offers one tram line that will take you to the Allianz Stadium.

Line 3, green line from Porta Palazzo.

With line 3, you can get off at various stops in the city. This is the line running from Porta Palazzo, around a ten-minute walk from the centre of Turin.

The point of department is roughly fifteen stops away from the stop closest to the stadium. The stop you’ll need to get off at is called Fermata 170 – PERVINCHE.

From here, the Allianz Stadium can be reached on foot in under ten minutes.

Allianz Stadium address
Corso Gaetano Scirea 50
10151 Torino TO


If you’d like to get to the Allianz Stadium by bus, you can take the following lines: 72, 29 and 59.

If it’s got late after the Juventus F.C. match, there’s no need to worry. Simply catch the night bus running until 1 am. You can take one of the following lines: 59, VE1 and 59, 72 and 11, VE1 and 13N.

Note: Night buses don’t run between 1 am and 4 am.

Allianz Stadium plan

To give you an idea of which tickets you should purchase for the best seats in the Allianz Stadium for your football trip: The Juventus Stadium is subdivided into four stands and two different levels. The sectors in the 100 series are those closest to the pitch.



The sides in the Allianz Stadium are:

  • De Curva Nord behind the North Goal. Sectors 106 to 110 and 206 to 212
  • De Curva Sud behind the South Goal. Sectors 118 to 122 and 222 to 228
  • Tribuna Est along the length. Sectors 111 to 117 and 213 to 221
  • Tribuna Ovest along the sideline. This contains the Premium Club seats and the Executive Boxes (with Hospitality and Hostess service), as well as Sectors 105, 123, 203 to 205 and 229 to 231.

Allianz Stadium tour

No trip to Turin is in fact complete without booking a tour of the stadium. During the “Juventus Museum + Allianz Stadium Tour”, you’re taken on a tour through this club’s extensive history. You can either do an audio tour or, at an additional cost, be taken around by a guide. Audio tours can be booked in the following four languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

You follow a pre-determined route along which you can check out features: the museum, hospitality rooms, the players’ changing rooms, the exclusive Media Area and the pitch where you’ll walk through the impressive players’ tunnel. The Allianz Stadium takes around 60, and for the museum you should factor in around a further 50 minutes.

Please note: The museum closes three hours before the match starts on Juventus F.C. match days, and it might be the case that certain elements cannot be accessed. We therefore recommend doing the tour on a day other than match days.

The price of a normal tour is €25, with children under 16 paying €20. Younger children (under 6) can enter free of charge.

Jan 2-6 9:30 - 19:30 9:30 - 19:30
Jan 7 until 13 Apr. 10:00 - 18:30 10:00 - 14:30
14 Apr . until 13 Oct. 09:30 - 19:30 09:30 - 19:30
14 Oct . until 15 Dec. 10:00 - 18:30 10:00 - 14:30
16 t / m Dec 31 09:30 - 19:30 09:30 - 19:30

Snacks and drinks close to the Allianz Stadium

Before attending a Juventus F.C. match, it’s nice to go for a bite to eat and a drink in the Allianz Stadium area. There are fortunately a number of great places near the stadium, and finding local bars in the surrounding streets won’t be a problem. If it’s a football bar you’re looking for, make your way to the Huntsman Pub, found in Turin’s centre.


Tetley Huntsman

A unique experience for football aficionados! This bar is owned by a major football aficionado. You’ll feel at home here straight away. Here they serve a number of typical Italian dishes, and boast a large beer collection. Football is shown here constantly on huge screens, and this place really gets you in the mood before your Juventus F.C. Match kicks off. The Tetley Huntsman stays open until 2 am.


Cafe Rossini

A restaurant where you can also watch football. A laid-back atmosphere is what this place is about, with a location next to the River Dora. Here you’ll find a huge selection of heavenly Italian dishes, wines and a range of beers. This restaurant is open every day but Sunday from 17.00 to 4.30 am, which is good to know given that buses start running once again from 4 am onwards.

Information about Juventus F.C.

Somewhat surprisingly, Juventus F.C. was founded on 29 November  1897 by a group of high-school students. This also gave rise to the name ‘Juventus’, which means ‘youth’ in Latin. It’s worth pointing out that in the early days, the club played its matches donning wearing pink shirts. The new kits, with the shirts bearing black and white vertical stripes, were introduced in 1899. It was two years later – in 1903 – that the club clinched its first Italian championship.

The Agnelli family – owners of car manufacturer Fiat – acquired Juventus in 1923, with the club then winning its second national Italian title in 1925-26. The 1930s marked a golden age for “Juve”, with triumphs in no less than five Italian championships.

It was down to the Agnelli family’s financial backing that the club was able to attract some of the world’s best players. The club has notched up various world records for highest transfer fees, and has over the years acquired the talents of football legends of the likes of Michel Platini,  Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Juventus F.C. logo

The Juventus F.C. logo we know today was introduced in July 2017. This new logo embodies the essence of Juventus: the characteristic players’ shirt colours, and the symbol of victory (also known as the Scudetto).

The black-and-white stripes are a distinctive feature of the new visual identity. The Scudetto epitomises the club’s eagerness to win, both now and in the future. Lastly, the letter J has a special place in every fan’s heart.


Juventus’ nickname: The Old Lady

Juventus has quite a few nicknames. It goes without saying that the players are called the ‘zebras’ and ‘I Bianconeri’ (the black-and-whites) because of their black-and-white striped shirts. However, where does the nickname ‘The Old Lady’ – of La Vecchia Signora in Italian – come from?

As explained above: Juventus means ‘youth’, and the players were also high-school students back in the early days. However, by the 1930s the club was famous for its fairly old team, something which is in fact still often also the case at present. It was with a pinch of irony that the word ‘old’ came into use; even among the fans.

‘Old Lady’ is meant affectionately. It’s said that supporters love the club just as much as their wives or mothers. And given that Juventus is of course by now a club with a long past, this nickname is as fitting as ever.

What to do in Turin?

Turin is a medium-sized and fascinating city. Ticking every box for a football trip, but also fantastic for a city break or long weekend. The inviting outdoor bars, the picturesque villages and – the icing on the cake – authentic Italian food, just how it should be. Italian cuisine never fails when it comes to charm, such as their world-renowned pizza with a large glass of Italian red wine. That means if you’re visiting the city got a Juventus F.C. match, there’s also plenty of things to do on the rest of your stay. These are our favourite hangouts in Turin.


The cinema museum

Check out the Cinema Museum, often said to be the best museum in Turin. This comes as no surprise, given that Turin is the birthplace of Italian cinema. Here you’ll find the world’s first cameras, as well as helmets from the entire Star Wars series.


Musseo dell’automobile

The car museum is another world-famous institution in Turin. With almost 200 automobiles of 80 makes, ranging from the latest models to even steam cars, this museum houses one of the most outstanding and rare collection of vehicles.


Mercato di Porta Palazzo

No stay in Turin would be complete without visiting here; the largest open-air market in Europe. You’ll find thousands of amazing stalls with all kinds of food, as well as clothing and all sorts of household items. What’s more, the prices here are all very reasonable. Not to be missed!


Monte dei Capuccini

If you’re looking for breath-taking and panoramic views over the city of Turin, making your way up this mountain is well worth the effort.

How much does a football trip to Juventus cost?

A football trip to Juventus may cost anything between £265 and £707. The price varies based on a number of factors, including:
  • The match you choose to watch. Derby and rivalry games are usually more expensive to watch than other games.
  • The duration of your stay. The longer you stay in your destination country, the more expensive your trip becomes. For example, a 4-day trip will cost more than a 2-day trip.
  • The hotel you choose to stay at and the airline you choose to fly with. There are many low-cost hotels and airlines available that offer fair services, but lack the amenities of slightly more expensive options.

Where can I buy tickets to watch Juventus?

You can buy Juventus tickets through our website with our football trip packages. You get to choose the category you want to sit in and we ensure you get the best tickets possible.

Where does Juventus play?

Juventus plays at the Allianz Stadium in Turin (not to be confused with the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany). During European club tournaments (such as the Champions League or Europa League), it is referred to as Juventus Stadium due to sponsorship rules.

How do I get to Juventus Stadium?

Getting to Juventus stadium is fairly easy if you are travelling from the city centre. There are four bus lines that head towards the stadium, including lines 29, 3990, and 72. If you choose to use the bus, you can expect to pay between €1 and €3 for the trip, which is very affordable. Alternatively, you could opt to use a taxi service, but know that this will likely cost significantly more than using public transit.

Does Juventus offer a stadium tour?

Yes, Juventus offers a stadium tour. Stadium tours run everyday of the week except for Tuesdays and there may be limited availability on matchdays. The standard tour costs €15 for adults and €12 for children under 16. A stadium tour ticket often also acts as a ticket for the museum too.
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